PBS Matrix

Stewartsville Elementary Behavior Matrix










Always be safe

Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

Report spills to teacher.

Follow all emergency Procedures

Always walk along the right side of the hallway when possible.

Use handrails when available and step on every step.

Eyes forward

Only leave with permission

Sit in chairs with “Four on the Floor”

Use all materials appropriately

Wash hands with soap and water

Use the facilities appropriately

Only use equipment as intended and when finished return it to its proper place

Report any broken equipment

Use gate openings to leave the playground

Remain seated unless given permission.

Be aware of spills and objects on the floor


Sit in your seat facing forward at all times

Walk to and from  the bus

Always keep the aisles clear


Be Respectful

Use proper manners

Treat all faculty and staff members with respect

Treat others and their property as you would like to be treated


 Walk by other classrooms and students without disturbing them.

 Enjoy hallway displays with your eyes only

Wait to be called on to speak.

Encourage others

Show honesty in all you do

Respect the privacy of others


Only one person per stall at all times

Share the playground with other students.

Play by the posted rules of the game.

Touch and eat only your food

Be considerate of those who serve you and clean up after you

Respect others property



Always be where you are supposed to be

Follow directions the first time they are given

Be aware of and observe Voice Zones

Go directly to and from your destination.

Complete assignments to the best of your ability

Maintain a clean and organized workspace

Be on-time and prepared to start

Throw paper towels, and other trash, in the trashcan



Line up when whistle blows

Report any problems to recess teacher

Use the “stop, walk, and talk” method for problem solving.

Clean up your area

Take only the food you will eat.

Food is only for eating.

Clean up your area

Follow all rules and instructions of the driver