Procedure Update for Public Conduct

Administrative Procedure

Descriptor Code: KK-AP(1)

VISITORS TO DISTRICT PROPERTY/EVENTS - (Public Conduct on District Property)



The Board encourages parents and other members of the public to visit district buildings and attend district events and activities; however, inappropriate behavior or conduct will not be tolerated.
Examples of inappropriate conduct include, but are not limited to:

1.         Possessing or being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or illegal substance.

2.         Possessing a weapon in violation of Board policy.

3.         Violating Board policy or the posted or stated rules of the event.

4.         Fighting or otherwise striking or threatening another person.

5.         Failing to obey the instructions of a security official or school district employee.

6.         Engaging in any illegal or disruptive activity.

7.       Excessive and loud criticism of officials or officiating crew during district sponsored activities (home or away), which results in the removal from the event.
The superintendent may seek to deny future admission onto district property to any person by verbally notifying them or mailing a notice by first-class mail and by certified mail with return receipt requested. The notice should contain:

1.         A description of the conduct.

2.         The proposed time period for which admission to district events will be denied.

  • The term of denied admission to district events will be subject to administrative discretion based on the severity of the situation.  The term of denied admission may include but is not limited to:
  • A. Warning
  • B. 10 calendar days
  • C. 30 calendar days
  • D. 90 calendar days
  • E. 365 calendar days

3.         Instructions regarding the procedure for requesting to address the Board.
The superintendent is not obligated to make exceptions, but may allow visitors otherwise prohibited from being on district property to be on district property for the limited purposes of:

1.         Attending open public meetings of the Board of Education and its committees.

2.         Transporting his or her child to and from school and school activities.

3.         Attending scheduled conferences or meetings with district personnel pertaining to the visitor's child.
The superintendent will notify appropriate district staff of any individuals who are prohibited from being on district property, including the dates of the ban and any applicable exceptions.
Once a decision has been made to ban a person from district property, the superintendent, building principal or designee is authorized to file a trespassing complaint with local law enforcement if the person enters district property.
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