Updated on 7/28/2020 

Hello Cardinal Families,

Since March 13, we have been busy making needed changes within the district to prepare us for reopening. The following list is a demonstration of items we have acquired or are in the process of purchasing to help with keeping all of us as safe as possible as we return to "The Nest."

  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout district facilities.
  • Installation of touchless paper towel dispensers (Lobby Restrooms)
  • Replacement of water fountains with bottle filling stations.
  • Purchased a hands-free sanitizing machine to be used in restrooms and cafeteria.
  • Purchased 2 state-of-the-art sanitizing guns with the capability of disinfecting classrooms, busses, and any public space in a matter of seconds.
  • Purchased a power mop to expedite the cleaning and sanitizing of classroom floors.
  • Purchased new lunchroom tables to allow for better control for the social distancing of students.
  • Replaced oversized tables in 3 high school classrooms to allow for social distancing.
  • Purchased germ screens for the protection of our lunch clerk and building secretary.
  • Redesigned the main entrance to create a protective barrier for students and staff.
  • Purchased protective facemasks and shields for staff members.
  • Remodeled our outdoor concession stand bathrooms to allow for easier cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Purchased disposable masks for visitors and students.
  • Constructing walkways for better control of before school drop off and after school pickup.
  • Purchased a supply of individual bottles of hand sanitizer for classrooms.
  • Purchased 50 cases of disinfecting wipes for classroom use.
  • Purchased thermal thermometers for quick checks of student and staff member's temperatures.
  • Installing an additional custodial cleaning supplies station on 3rd floor.
  • Relocated the ice machine from the kitchen to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Removed over 20,000 lbs. of clutter from throughout the building.

This list will continue to grow as we move closer to reopening.

Along with the listed items, we have been working on a comprehensive reopening plan. The plan was designed based on the following three pillars.

1. Preparing for the safe return to school for all of our Cardinals.

2. Providing our students with engaging educational opportunities.

3. Promoting open lines of communication between all Cardinals.

Please understand it is impossible to develop a plan that takes into consideration every condition we may face during the coming school year. As such, the plan being presented may see additions or omissions made to it based upon information provided to us by our local, state, and national level officials and departments. We ask everyone to remain flexible with the district as we continue to navigate the constant changes of the Covid-19 pandemic and to please reach out to us with your questions or concerns. We much appreciate your patience as we are doing our best to ensure the most impactful learning experience for all students in the Stewartsville C2 School District.

Michael Stephenson


Stewartsville C2 School District

Click to access: Stewartsville C2 Reopening Plan

Summer Sports & Activities Plan – Summer 2020

May - No sports or activities practices or contests unless connected with graduation ceremonies and approved by a principal or superintendent.

June - Beginning June 1, groups of ten or less will be able to meet for conditioning.

  • Workouts will be for 30-45 minutes at hour intervals (to allow for arrival/departure) and all social distancing guidelines will be followed during workouts. Workouts will not involve balls or sports-specific instruction. Workouts will be general aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and body-weight exercises.
  • Workouts will be conducted outdoors. No indoor facilities will be used. Activities (Band, choir,cheer) may not meet in June without approval from a principal or superintendent. Cheer tryouts will take place in the gym and will be staggered to allow for arrival and departure.
  • Any other activity will be address on an individual basis with the cooperation of both teams ofadministration.

July - If the most current state and local guidance allow by June 30, open facilities for weights and sports-specific practices on Monday, July 6.

  • Teams could have open gym/fields

August - Assuming the most current state and local guidelines allow, return to normal practices and contests.

If at any time the CDC determines that a “return to normal” may take place the previous guidelines will become null and void.

Office Hours:

The office will be open Monday - Thursday from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

We encourage individuals to call before arriving if you need to conduct any in-person business. Use the following phone number when placing calls to the district (816)-669-3792

Do not hesitate to call on us for assistance with meal deliveries, academic or technical support, or with any other questions or concerns you have.

Student E-Learning:

FREE eBooks and database access links:

Elementary Digital Bookshelf PreK-8

Secondary Digital Bookshelf 5-12

ABDO Zoom Research Database

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