Updated on 5/22/2020 

"The Nest" will reopen on June 1, 2020 to student activity on a limited bases.

HS Graduation:

 Due to weather graduation has been moved to Saturday, May 23 at 12noon on the football field

We have finished our initial planning for graduation and want to share the following information to help you and your family in planning for the event. We will share more information as the date draws closer. 

1. Graduates will meet at school at 10:00 am on the day of graduation to run through a practice ceremony. Parents will not be allowed to attend. 

2. There will be designated seating areas on the football field for each family. The seating will be set up in individual family pods to allow for social distancing. We are limiting the on-field seating to 10 people per family, and we ask for families not to mingle before or after the ceremony.

3. There will be a designated seating area for Stewartsville School faculty and staff on the football field. 

4. The main parking lot and circle drive will be limited to parking for graduates, graduate family members who are sitting on the field, and for district faculty and staff members.  

5. Additional guests are welcome to attend the ceremony but will need to sit on the asphalt road on the west side of the field and park on the northside of the building or on adjacent side streets. (The road will be blocked off the same as it is for a home football game.)

6. Graduates will need to meet in the school lobby at 6:00 pm to prepare for the ceremony. Family members will not be allowed to enter the building. Graduates will enter the field from the southeast corner to begin the ceremony at 6:30 pm.

7. At the completion of the ceremony graduated will be dismissed back to the main parking lot individually along with their family members who are seated on the field. We ask for families to not mingle in the parking lot and to respect each other's personal family space. 

We are excited to host a 2020 graduation for your student but please know it is imperative that you follow the directions and procedures that are put in place. 

Summer Sports & Activities Plan – Summer 2020

May - No sports or activities practices or contests unless connected with graduation ceremonies and approved by a principal or superintendent.

June - Beginning June 1, groups of ten or less will be able to meet for conditioning.

  • Workouts will be for 30-45 minutes at hour intervals (to allow for arrival/departure) and allsocial distancing guidelines will be followed during workouts. Workouts will not involve balls or sports-specific instruction. Workouts will be general aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and body-weight exercises.
  • Workouts will be conducted outdoors. No indoor facilities will be used. Activities (Band, choir,cheer) may not meet in June without approval from a principal or superintendent. Cheer tryouts will take place in the gym and will be staggered to allow for arrival and departure.
  • Any other activity will be address on an individual basis with the cooperation of both teams ofadministration.

July - If the most current state and local guidance allows by June 30, open facilities for weights and sports-specific practices on Monday, July 6.

  • Teams could have open gym/fields

August - Assuming the most current state and local guidelines allow, return to normal practices and contests.

If at any time the CDC determines that a “return to normal” may take place the previous guidelines will become null and void.

Office Hours:

The office will be open Monday - Thursday from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

We encourage individuals to call before arriving if you need to conduct any in-person business. Use the following phone number when placing calls to the district (816)-669-3792

Do not hesitate to call on us for assistance with meal deliveries, academic or technical support, or with any other questions or concerns you have.

Student E-Learning:

FREE eBooks and database access links:

Elementary Digital Bookshelf PreK-8

Secondary Digital Bookshelf 5-12

ABDO Zoom Research Database

Common Sense Media has gathered a multitude of free resources into one location for families in this time of need. It covers everything from content support to emotional well-being to creative ways to spend time as a family.

Common Sense Media

Food Service

Delivery Changes starting Monday 4/13/20:

Beginning on 4/13 we will begin delivering meals only on M,W,F

Students will receive double meals each of these days of the week. This will allow us to provide students with one added days worth of meals and continue to limit the risk of COVID-19 exposure between our fantastic cooks, deliverers, and your families. 

If, over the coming days, you decide that your family would like for us to provide your student/s with these meal choices, send Mr. Stephenson your student's name/grade, physical address for delivery, and a working cell phone number for notification purposes to mstephenson@stewartsville.k12.mo.us.

We have been approved to continue this service through June 30, 2020

Please note all meals are being provided at No Charge.