Map of Land Acquisition

The Stewartsville C-2 School District is pleased to announce the acquisition of the 14.5 acre lot on St. Joseph Ave located a block away from our current campus. We understand there has been speculation regarding the property. Per Board policy,  the district was unable to comment until the purchase was final. The District would like to clarify the source of the money used to secure the land. The funds used to secure this purchase were appropriated from the district’s capital projects fund. The capital project funds are allocated for costs/purchases associated with building/land acquisitions and campus improvements. 

The District has been trying to acquire land in close proximity to the school for many years. The opportunity has not been available until now. The District was contacted about the property directly and decided it was something worth pursuing, as an opportunity like this may not be possible for years to come. The district’s short-term goals for the property are to clean it up and make it usable in the immediate future for a possible school garden/farm and community walking trail. The district will continue to seek input from the community for ideas regarding future long-term goals for the property. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brett Jones, Superintendent, at 816-669-3792.