CPR Kit Presentation

The American Heart Association has provided Stewartsville School District with an education and awareness tool.  The CPR in Schools Kit contains 10 CPR manikins, lesson plans and instructional DVDs. The CPR in Schools Kit educates on how to save a life through CPR, how to use an AED and choking relief instruction.  It can be utilized for High School students to fulfill their graduation requirement.  This graduation requirement is the result of a Missouri Bill the American Heart Association was a co-sponsor of in 2016 to prepare more adults to save a life in their community.   The American Heart Association funds research to create medicines and surgeries, provides education tools, impacts laws for health and wellbeing and funds community outreach projects with donations raised.   The American Heart Association uses 82 cents of every dollar for research, education and community outreach.  For the location of a resource center near you to use a CPR in Schools Kit for your school district,  lead an event to raise donations or make an individual donation to the American Heart Association, contact Stephanie Jumps at stephanie.jumps@heart.org or 573-200-0385. #AmericanHeartAssociation #CPRinSchools #DoYourPartToSaveAHeart