COVID-19 Update

Good morning Cardinals,     

The ship has set sail, and we have the wind behind our backs. So let's take a moment while the vessel is on course for what we hope to be a return to school on May 4th and recognize the hurdles we have cleared. We are partnering to create new routines for student learning. We are developing new forms of communication with each other. We are inspiring confidence throughout our community by staying confident and available to assist each other, however necessary. Our kitchen staff and local law enforcement are preparing and delivering nutritious meals to over 100 students daily. We are continuing to conduct the daily business of the district through the dedication and expertise of a highly qualified network of staff members. 

As we continue on this voyage, remember to provide yourself grace. Understand that we are all continuing to make Stewartsville the best small town in all of N.W. Missouri. The reason we can do so is that we are all staying focused on The Cardinal Way. Now more than ever, we must lean on our mission of "Developing the Cardinal Community as Life-Long Learners." We must be willing to meet each other where we are and find ways to blend and recreate what our roles are. 

Updated Information for our extended closure:

Building Access: This morning, we are allowing families to enter the building to pick up work packets and other essential items from 10 am-noon. Once this time has passed, we will shut the building down and allow no nonessential foot traffic on the school grounds. This is for our safety and to ensure the facilities remain as clean and disinfected as humanly possible. 

Office Hours: The office will be open Monday - Thursday from 9 am-2 pm. We encourage individuals to call before arriving if you need to conduct any in-person business. Use the following phone number when placing calls to the district (816)-669-3792. 

Student Grades: Students can maintain or improve their grades if they are showing consistent engagement (Phone Calls, Virtual Meetings, Google Classroom, Email, and completing work). Student grades before Spring Break will serve as their current grade. Teachers are establishing guidelines that will determine how levels of engagement can raise a student's grade (Please communicate with your student's teacher to know their expectations). If students are not showing consistent engagement, our teachers, counselor, and principal will be reaching out to your family. We plan to ensure all students have the necessary support from our school community so that learning and grades are not negatively impacted during this time.


All Spring Field Trips have been canceled: We are in the process of receiving refunds from these trip locations. Teachers will be able to provide refunds once we have received the refunded funds from the individual businesses.  

The Elementary School Play and the K-12 Music Program have been canceled. 

The following events are still on the calendar:

Junior-Senior Prom May 9th @ SHS

FFA Banquet May 11th 

Seniors Last Day - May 15th

H.S. Graduation - May 17th 

8th Grade Promotion - May 18th 

Senior Trip - May 18th -21st

Elementary Field Day May 22nd 

Last Day of School (Friday, May 22nd)

PTO Auction - May 30th 

Alumni Banquet - June 6th