COVID-19 Family Update 4/13/20

Good afternoon,

As you are undoubtedly aware by now, Governor Parson issued the order this past Friday for all public schools to remain closed through the remainder of the academic year. Per the change made by the BOE last month, the Stewartsville C2 School District building closure will continue through at least Friday, May 22. 

Please refer to the following updates and information:

Food Service

Delivery Changes starting Monday 4/13/20:

Beginning on 4/13 we will begin delivering meals only on M,W,F

Students will receive double meals each of these days of the week. This will allow us to provide students with one added days worth of meals and continue to limit the risk of COVID-19 exposure between our fantastic cooks, deliverers, and your families.

If, over the coming days, you decide that your family would like for us to provide your student/s with these meal choices, send Mr. Stephenson your student's name/grade, physical address for delivery, and a working cell phone number for notification purposes to

Please note all meals are being provided at No Charge.

Student Grades / E-Learning: 

Throughout the remainder of the school year, teachers will continue to offer learning opportunities for all students PreK-12. Students and teachers are to maintain consistent lines of communication to allow for constructive and encouraging feedback and instruction. Teachers have established guidelines to determine how levels of engagement can raise a student's grade (Please communicate with your student's teacher to know their expectations). If students are not showing consistent engagement, our teachers, counselor, and principal will be reaching out to your family. We plan to ensure all students have the necessary support from our school community so that learning and grades are not negatively impacted during this time. If you need additional resources, please reach out to your student's teachers.

New e-learning Information for Grades 7-12:

  • Starting the week of April 13th, students in grades 7-12 will receive assignments on Mondays and Tuesdays. These assignments may include new learning standards. We ask for students to please put forth their best effort and reach out to teachers if you require additional support.  Students should complete the assigned work and submit for review by Friday of each week at 3 pm.  

Building Access:

We are working on creating a staggered schedule for students and parents to enter the building to clean out lockers, check-in books, instruments, Chromebooks, and to pick up personal items. We intend to release this schedule in the last week of April and begin the plan during the first full week of May. Until then, there is to be NO nonessential foot traffic on the school grounds. This includes ball fields and playground areas. This is for our safety and to ensure the facilities remain as clean and disinfected as humanly possible. 

District Activities/Events:

All scheduled activities for the remainder of the year have been canceled except for high school graduation.  

          HS Graduation: 

          At this time, graduation will take place on Saturday, June 20, 2020, at 2 pm. We are                unsure if we will host it in the gymnasium or on the football field. The decision will be                made as we move closer to the date and are provided further guidance from our local,            state, and national health officials. If social distancing orders are still in place, we will                move the date for graduation to July 18, 2020.

 Office Hours 

The office will be open Monday - Thursday from 9 am - 2 pm. We encourage individuals to call before arriving if you need to conduct any in-person business. Use the following phone number when placing calls to the district (816)-669-3792. Do not hesitate to call on us for assistance with meal deliveries, academic or technical support, or with any other questions or concerns you have.

On behalf of the fantastic teachers and staff of the Stewartsville C2 School District, I want to thank you again for the continuous support you have shown and please remember that together we will get through this tremendously challenging time.

Michael Stephenson