COVID-19 Update 4/24/20

COVID-19 Update - 4/24/20

As of today, we are wrapping up our 5th full week of e-learning, and I want to compliment you all for your continued focus and zest for learning. We plan to continue to offer all students with e-learning assignments, enrichment opportunities, and non-core challenges through the end of the school year, Friday, May 22, 2020.

End of Year Student Checkout: We are continuing to work on a plan for how we will be conducting our year-end checkout for students. Be on the lookout for more information to be released on this topic next Thursday, April 29, 2020.

End of Year Student Celebration: It is a standing tradition for us to take time and celebrate our students and their educational cardinal victories from throughout the school year on the last day of school. We are continuing to work on this, and we will have more information to provide in the next couple of weeks.   

HS Graduation: As of now, we still have our high school graduation set for Saturday, June 20, and a contingent date of Saturday, July 18.  However, we are looking at options for how we might move our graduation ceremonies to an earlier date to allow for all of our graduating 2020 seniors to be able to take part. We will be able to offer more detail once we know if the statewide stay at home orders are lifted on May 3.

Summer Camps & Activities: At this time, we have NO summer camps or activities planned for June. This could change based on social distancing and gathering limitations set forth by our local, state, and national health agencies. As we are provided guidance, we will continue to keep you updated on all summer camps and activities, and we will use sound judgment when determining what is best for our school community.

In closing, I want to encourage us all to find the positives that are being spawned through our current unprecedented circumstance and not to allow ourselves to be pulled into the darkness of negative thought. We are all in this together, and we must rely on each other to find the path forward that leads us back to normalcy.

Mr. Stephenson