Local school board member achieves Master Certification

    Tara Adkins, a school board member in the Stewartsville C-2 School District, has been recognized for achieving Master Certification by the Missouri School Boards’ Association.

    The program established by MSBA recognizes local school board members for pursuing additional learning opportunities beyond the legally required training.

    All newly elected school board members must complete a basic 18.5- hour Essential Training program required by state law.  The Master Certification requires fulfillment of the Essential and Advanced levels. Those achieving Master Certification also must accumulate at least 40 hours of training credit, read two books related to school board service, attend at least two MSBA meetings within the year, and write a brief reflection paper that connects the subjects they have studied to the governance practices of the school district they serve.

    Due to the coronavirus restrictions, board members achieving certification will be recognized during the MSBA Annual Conference in Cooperation with the Missouri Association of School Administrators.

    The Missouri School Boards’ Association is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help school boards succeed.