McKinney Vento


Greetings Cardinal Community,

I want to provide you with some vital information about the identification of homeless students. As cold weather begins to set in, we know that this time of year causes even more financial struggles for families: I want to share the list in board policy that identifies ways a student can be deemed homeless. If you suspect that any of our families/students may fall into the following categories, please reach out to Mrs. Schwope through email ( or by phone (816-669-3258) who is our homeless district coordinator.

Questions to utilize to help identify potential homeless families/students.

  1. Are you sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or similar reason?
  2. Are you currently residing in a motel, hotel, in a car, or at a campsite because your home has been damaged or because of economic reasons?
  3. Are you currently living in a shelter?
  4. Are you currently living in temporary housing due to economic hardship?

Thank you for your support of this. We must ensure that any potential homeless students are provided with the necessary support to be successful in the school environment.

Have a wonderful day,