Break Extended


Greetings Cardinals,

I want to thank all of our bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria staff, office staff, teachers, and students for a great week of school. Even though the week was shortened due to weather, it was a great week in part because it was the first time since August 25 that we have had no one quarantined due to COVID-19! #CardinalVictory

Undoubtedly, it has also been a week of frigid temperatures, and it appears that we have yet to see the most frigid. Over the next four days, we are expecting to see record-breaking and dangerously low temperatures. Therefore, I want to let you know that we will be extending the Presidents Day weekend through Tuesday, February 16. I understand that some may feel that this is a premature decision, but I want everyone to have plenty of notice to plan for their families' safety and not worry about what-ifs.

Please stay safe, and we will see you all back at The Nest on Wednesday, February 17.

Michael Stephenson


Stewartsville C2 School District