weather information

November 16, 2021

Dear Cardinal Families,

As we look ahead to the winter months, it is time to share a few updates regarding Stewartsville C2 Schools’ inclement weather plans for this 2021-22 school year. Our goal, as always, is to ensure the safety of all during inclement weather events while minimizing disruption to students’ learning. Therefore, if weather conditions make it unsafe for students to attend in person, the district will utilize a traditional “Snow Day.” Which means a “Snow Day is a NO SCHOOL DAY. We believe in the magic of snow days and how they can provide learning opportunities that reach far beyond the walls of our school building.

How do we decide to close school?
The decision to delay or close school is a careful decision informed by several factors, including temperature and wind chill, snow and ice levels, road conditions, and how these conditions are forecast to develop over the day. A decision will be made the night before; however, this might not always be possible in such cases, the decision will be made between 5:00–6:00 am the morning of the delay or closure. If school is canceled, all afterschool activities will also be canceled.

 How is the public notified of school closings?
The best source of information is the Stewartsville C2 social media accounts: Twitter (@stewartsvilleC2), Facebook (@StewartsvilleMO), and our school webpage ( Information will also be shared using our text blast and voice call notification systems.

 What if inclement weather develops during the school day?
We open with the intent of remaining open for the full school day. Early dismissals are used only in extreme situations. In such cases, all afterschool activities will be canceled. If we need to close early, students will still be served lunch before dismissal.

 When will school be made up?
State law requires each school district to have a minimum of 1044 hours of school per school year. State law also allows any school district that designs their yearlong attendance calendar with an additional 60+ hours of attendance not to be required to make up days due to closure for inclement weather. This is why we designed our 2021-2022 school calendar for students to attend school for a total of 1128 hours. Building our attendance calendar with an additional 84 hours of attendance allows us to go beyond the 60-hour requirement. It also provides for an extra 24 hours of closure for situations that would not fall under the inclement weather guideline. In short, what this means is in the case of a canceled day of school or early dismissal related to inclement weather, we will not need to make up any hours lost. 

Michael L. Stephenson